"20 Minutes"

Written by G. Lloyd Morris


After being released from prison for the 'umpteenth' time, Evan Jones has vowed that he is done with the life that has cost him so much of his freedom and piece of mind. Though frustrated with his younger brothers past broken promises, his older brother Miles agrees to let him stay with him. The catch: "If you're serious, be here in 20 minutes. Otherwise, stay where you're at." And thus begins a 20 minute journey in which Evan is faced with several obstacles that can prevent him from getting to his brothers house in time.

Evan is faced with familiar temptations at every turn. The ultimate test is when he is reconnected with Kentucky, the man who introduced him to "the game". Kentucky offers him the perfect chance to get him on his feet. Evan is aware of his responsibilities; a child, a promise to his brother and the pledge to himself to never return to jail. But is it worth the risk?

Evan's story is just one example of recidivism, and how young men must return to their old environment, but are expected to make new decisions. What trappings will the old neighborhood hold that can destroy his final chance for change? Will Evan make it to his brother's house in time? See all that can happen in just "20 Minutes"…

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