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2008 graduate G. Lloyd Morris is originally from the City of Angels. Spending his life surrounded by movies, music and the glistening lights of Hollywood, it was only natural that he was attracted to the entertainment industry. G. Lloyd spent the early 90's exploring his love for music. In 2001, the East Coast music scene inspired him to leave Los Angeles. That same year, he enrolled at Wilmington University in the Behavioral Science program

After the first month, G. Lloyd realized he was in the wrong major. "I had a lot of great professors at Wilmington University and after talking to one of my teachers he said to me, 'You can take this education and create your own space…you can use the knowledge you have acquired to do whatever you want to do.'" So he took what he learned from the Behavioral Science program and used it to pursue his new passion: film. "I learned about the human brain and psychology and it fit so well in my screenwriting and films."

This year, G. Lloyd produced his first film, entitled "20 Minutes." "The film is a story about change, recidivism and the real world," explains Lloyd. "When the lead character, Evan, gets out of jail, he has 20 minutes to get home to his older brother or not come home at all. On the way home, he is faced with his past – drugs, money, a married woman: all the trappings that lead him down his life of crime in the first place." To learn more about the film visit http://www.iamfilmworks.com/.

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