G. Lloyd Morris

G. Lloyd Morris, AKA Gregory Lloyd Morris, is a native of Los Angeles. In the early 90's G. Lloyd interned as a music producer for DreamWorks Music in Los Angeles, CA. Shortly after, he and his business partner, now wife, became business owners and began a music and songwriting production company in Marina Del Rey, CA. In 2001, they decided to relocate their company to the East Coast. While continuing his efforts to build their production company, he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Science from Wilmington University. Shortly thereafter, he returned to his first passion, writing.

January 2007 G. Lloyd premiered a gospel musical stage play, "The Dreamer", which featured several gospel artists at the Keswick Theatre in Philadelphia, PA. This first production was flattered by a crowd of over 700 people on opening night. The Dreamer was also staged at Delaware University in February 2008. G. Lloyd is now an MFA candidate in the Graduate Playwriting Program at Temple University. He has since been added to Temple University's Fall 2010 season with his original stage play, "The Belly", as a world premiere production. He has continued to expand his body of skills with screenwriting and television sit-com writing in his graduate studies. Because of his artistic power, he was given the opportunity to write and direct two PSA's targeting domestic violence and gang violence for the City of Wilmington's Child Development Community Policing Program (CD-CP).

G Lloyd Morris is happily married to Dawn Morris, Executive Producer and CEO of IAM Film Works, and has three children. He and his family reside in Delaware where he has committed to the development of his community. He states, "My goal is to help bring a national spotlight to the state of Delaware". He has developed a brand of film and theatre series subtitled, "An American Tale". He also states, "I'm not labeling these stories 'urban' because that term refers to the inner city and these are not all inner city stories. These are real American Tales about things that are going on all over this country. I'm telling the stories that most people want to ignore. These are all American tales. The hood is everywhere."

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